Need An Engineer’s Stamp On Your Trade Show Booth Plans?

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Las Vegas Civil Engineering provides engineering stamps for any booth at any trade show In The United States.


Pricing Schedule

(Excludes Nevada)

Indoor Exhibit

Small Booth

Large Booth


+ Stamped plans emailed upon completion

+ Includes preliminary review of plans

+ 24 hour review available

Outdoor Exhibit

Small Booth

Large Booth


+ Stamped plans emailed upon completion

+ Includes preliminary review of plans

+ Includes wind & seismic analysis

Indoor Exhibit

Small Booth


Large Booth


+ Includes preliminary review of plans
+ Stamped plans emailed upon completion
+ 24 hour review available

Outdoor Exhibit

Small Booth


Large Booth


+ Includes preliminary review of plans
+ Stamped plans emailed upon completion
+ Includes wind & seismic analysis

Trade Shows We Have Worked With

Our Clients:

Studio Blue
Jysk Display
Joyce Associates
EEI Global
3D Exhibits

About Our Firm

We are a scrappy group of engineers that started this business in February of 2003. Today, our technical abilities are at upper end of the engineering spectrum and our permit negotiating abilities are unmatched.

Regardless of what type of permit you need (residential, commercial or entertainment), and regardless of what State you need a permit from (Nevada, New York, e.t.c…), we will deliver exactly what you need by the time you need it.



Hello, and thank for choosing Las Vegas Civil Engineering for your project. I just wanted you to know that I’m the guy that will be handling your project from beginning to end. If there is a problem or conflict of any kind, I will fix it – Scout’s Honor. Please call me at any time for any reason:  702-515-6741

Client Testimonials

Las Vegas Civil Engineering has handled the lion’s share of our engineering since 2003. We’ve never had an issue that wasn’t resolved and they’ve even bailed us out of some of our own mistakes along the way. Joey and his team are great and I’d recommend them to anyone.


Westpoint Development Group

I like Joey and his band of misfits at Las Vegas Civil Engineering. Over the years, I have thrown them some real doozies, and they have never let me down since I hired them in 2005.



Our company works all over the United States and whenever we need a permit, we use Joey at Las Vegas Civil Engineering. We’ve never had a problem with their service and will continue to use them … until we do.



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What Is A Permit?

A permit is formal permission to proceed with the construction phase of a project. A permit’s purpose is to ensure that all projects comply with local laws, ordinances and building codes. Civil Engineers are duly authorized to assist in the permitting process because of their education and training in design and construction. At Las Vegas Civil Engineering, we are experts in Federal, State and local regulatory guidelines with a 100% success rate in acquiring permits for clients in all 50 states.

Who Issues Permits?

Building and construction permits are typically issued by States, Counties and Cities. In some cases, the Federal Government issues permits due to specific environmental criteria.

Knowing exactly who to go to can be difficult to figure out in a timely manner. For example, Las Vegas, Nevada has several permit issuing municipalities. Here are some of the municipalities that we do business with on a regular basis in Las Vegas, Nevada:

North Las Vegas
Las Vegas
› Clark County
› NV Department of Environmental Protection
Southern Nevada Health District
Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT)

What Happens If I Don’t Get A Permit?

Failure to obtain a building or construction permit can result in fines, penalties and even the demolition of an unauthorized structure.

Can You Handle Everything For Me?

Yes, Las Vegas Civil Engineering can handle everything for you. We are the FIRST IN and LAST OUT of most of our projects. We help clients manage everything from project startup, including the referral of contractors and 3rd party providers, to completion. And we can do it all electronically through texts and email.

What is Required To Provide An Estimate?

To provide pricing and time estimates simply forward a brief overview of your project along with your contact information. A representative from Las Vegas Civil Engineering will review your message and promptly contact you to discuss your details. Estimates can typically be provided within 48 hours and are free of charge.

How Long Does It Take Las Vegas Civil Engineering To Get A Permit?

Our expertise at Las Vegas Civil Engineering results in the fastest turnaround times available in the permitting process. The average time for us to acquire a building or construction permit is typically only one to two days. However, with more complex design and construction projects this process may take longer. Cost and time estimations can typically be provided with a high degree of accuracy once we have a thorough understanding of your project.

Can Las Vegas Civil Engineering Acquire Permits In Multiple States?

Yes, Las Vegas Civil Engineering is based in Las Vegas, Nevada but is able to acquire permits in all 50 states. We have a 100% success rate and operate without any limitation on our ability to negotiate permits in other locations.

Can You Tell Me If I Need A Permit?

Yes, permits are our specialty. And at Las Vegas Civil Engineering we are happy to provide clients with information on permit requirements in their area. In addition, if your project qualifies you for an exemption, we will make sure you get it.

Can You Help Me Find A Contractor To Build My Project?

Yes, Las Vegas Civil Engineering works with an extensive network of contractors and building professionals from all over the country. As part of our service, we can refer clients to those who specialize in their type of projects, along with company history and qualifications for your review.